Marmaris Lockdown Diaries

Breaking the Lockdown Beach Ban in Marmaris

Breaking the Lockdown Beach Ban in Marmaris. As of the 11th of May Turkey has begun its exodus from coronavirus by lessening strict lockdown rules.

Rule number one was to stay home which is still true not only in Turkey, but around the world. However, it was a very strict rule for people aged over 65 and children up to 20 to stay at home. The elderly were allowed to leave homes last Sunday just for a few hours.

Later this week on Wednesday the younger children came out for a day of fun in the sun in Marmaris. Tomorrow the older children will be allowed to spend a few hours in the sun.

The seaside and the beaches in Marmaris and other resorts in Turkey were closed since two months. No one was allowed to walk along the sea or go out to enjoy the beach. Yesterday was the first day since the public was seen back on the beach and seaside promenade in Marmaris.

Everyone from the youngest to the oldest is required to wear a mask however. But people are happy to go out and take long walks anyhow.

Please stay safe and will keep you updated with any changes as they come to light.