Living costs in Marmaris

What is the cost of living in Marmaris ?

Cost of Living in Marmaris
Cost of Living in Marmaris

Living costs in Marmaris

Living costs in Marmaris are relatively low compared to other Mediterranean countries, Europe and the U.K.

Rental Fees

A decent one bedroom apartment to rent for minimum 6 months period would cost about £ 250 per month, plus a deposit or an advance payment in cash to the owner. An apartment of the same size with some very basic furniture would cost about £ 300 per month, plus a deposit or an advance payment in cash to the owner. Anything found below this is considered to be a very good deal. Most furnished apartments are rented early in spring to Reps (holiday representatives) so it is best to start your search in advance. It also helps to agree on better price if you do your search early, lets say sometime in the winter. Of course a good estate agent will be of great help, especially if it is the first time you are renting an apartment in Marmaris.


Water on average is £11 every month and is payable to the local Belediye in your area. The bill will be put under your door every month. There are no water shortages even in the summer months. Drinking water may be ordered in 20 litre bottles. This is approximately £1.5 for 20 litres. Properties with swimming pools use a lot more water in the summer months due to evaporation from them.


Electricity is approximately £40 per month for standard villas unless you have a swimming pool and then the cost goes up. The dill is read every month / every two months and put either into your electricity box or under your door. It is payable at the electricity AYDEM office in Marmaris.

Central Heating

Central heating is now becoming more popular for ex-pats buying new properties but it is expensive to run and it is only needed for 3 months of the year. Most homes either have a wood-burning fire, a wooden stove (use of coal is strictly prohibited) which are very economical to run or have calor gas heaters in their homes as these are extremely cheap to run as a large gas bottle is only £35.


Food in the supermarkets is slightly less than European and UK prices but restaurants are extremely good value for money so most people eat out.

Telephone Lines

Line rentals on telephone lines are £1-35 per month and call charges are relatively cheap.

Diesel / Petrol

Diesel is £1 per litre and petrol is £1.25 per litre but you do not use as much as you would in the U.K as the resort is so small.

For most ex-pats Marmaris gives a much better quality of life than they had. This is why so many are visiting the resort and then purchasing property either to use as a holiday home and then retire to or buying a property and moving out to live.