Is Marmaris Weekend Markets Important For Turkish People?

Is Marmaris Weekend Markets Important For Turkish People?

Marmaris Weekend Markets are part of the Turkish life, which is loved and adopted by all who move to live in Marmaris.

Farmers’ markets have always remained a part of life in Turkey. Such markets give access to fresh fruit and vegetables, being  part of Turkey’s famed tradition of good eating, and is one of those Turkish traditions that’s never abandoned.

Farmers’ market in Marmaris Beldibi with stalls offering local produce straight from the farmers standing alongside fruit and vegetable stalls, cheese stalls and other stalls offering a full range of produce, household items, clothing and even toys. Small farmers sell just their own produce – potatoes, vegetables and fruit in season, flowers, farm-produced cheese, home-made bread, eggs, etc.

Although the number of small farms in Turkey has fallen dramatically in recent decades, there is still an elderly generation of smallholders who attend weekly markets in the way they have been doing for the past twenty or thirty years. The smallholders are selling their produce at a weekly market are survivors from the old rural way of life which is fast vanishing. It is unusual to see young smallholders on a market, and while the traditional market is not under threat, the nature of small rural markets is changing.

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