Is Marmaris on the verge of lockdown ?

Is Marmaris on the verge of lockdown ?

Is Marmaris on the verge of lockdown ? Marmaris municipality continues disinfection of public buildings in Marmaris. Marmaris Courts of Justice has been disinfected thoroughly and the court sittings have been limited only for urgent cases, as decided by the Ministry of Justice. The courts will remain in operation but will only handle urgent cases, both criminal and civil.

Cancellations of ferry crossings to and from Greek islands are continuing in the wake of the sweeping new measures adopted by the government to stem the spread of coronavirus, including a ban on arrivals from China, South Korea, Italy, Iran, Iraq, Germany, Spain, France, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Bars and nightclubs in Marmaris and all around the country have been temporarily closed as of Monday 16th March 2020 as ordered by the Interior Ministry of Turkey.

Turkey has so far confirmed 47 cases of coronavirus, but all of these cases came from Europe, USA and Saudi Arabia.

The Foreign Ministry of Turkey has established a 24-hour coronavirus coordination and support center. In case it becomes necessary dial 184 to get advice in connection to coronavirus in Turkey.

The Foreign Ministry has issued an updated travel advisory for the citizens of Turkey to avoid all travel abroad unless absolutely necessary.

The Head of Religious Affairs said there will not be regular prayers in mosques. Although the mosques in Turkey will not be closed the Head of Religious Affairs confirmed the prayer times namaz will not be observed. The people are asked to observe regular prayers at home or out of the mosques to stem the spread of coronavirus.

Cinemas, restaurants, cafes, playgrounds, gyms, wedding and party venues in Marmaris and the rest of the country are going to be temporarily closed at midnight on March 17th 2020.

The past weekend in Marmaris and its surroundings was absolutely gorgeous the locals were out in the sun. We will continue to share more news from Marmaris as the situation evolves. remains an independent source of information since 1997

Sources: Anadolu Agency, Ministry of Health, Foreign Ministry
Photo Credit: Marmaris Courts of Justice