Intercity Transportation Prices from Marmaris

Intercity Transportation from Marmaris

Marmaris is a popular tourist destination located on the southwestern coast of Turkey. Intercity transportation options may have changed since then, so it’s recommended to check for the most up-to-date information.

Marmaris has a central bus station (otogar) where you can find buses traveling to various cities and regions in Turkey. Bus companies like Pamukkale, Kamil Koç, and Metro Turizm operate services to major cities.

Before making any travel plans, it’s crucial to verify the current status and availability of transportation options, especially considering any changes that may have occurred since my last update. You can check with local travel agencies, transportation hubs, or online travel platforms for the latest information.

Intercity Transportation Prices in Marmaris

DescriptionType of TransportationDistanceTLGBPEUROUSDRUBDKKSEKNOK
Marmaris - Akyaka GokovaMidibus / Minibus32 km.40.00 TL0.98 GBP1.15 EUR1.25 USD110.75 RUB8.56 DKK13.20 SEK13.10 NOK
Marmaris - UlaBus / Midibus / Minibus41 km.20.00 TL0.49 GBP0.57 EUR0.62 USD55.37 RUB4.28 DKK6.60 SEK6.55 NOK
Marmaris - MenteşeBus / Midibus / Minibus55 km.56.00 TL1.37 GBP1.60 EUR1.74 USD155.04 RUB11.99 DKK18.49 SEK18.34 NOK
Marmaris - KoycegizBus / Midibus / Minibus68 km.85.00 TL2.08 GBP2.43 EUR2.65 USD235.33 RUB18.19 DKK28.06 SEK27.84 NOK
Marmaris - OrtacaBus / Midibus / Minibus88 km.112.00 TL2.74 GBP3.21 EUR3.49 USD310.09 RUB23.97 DKK36.97 SEK36.69 NOK
Marmaris - DalamanBus / Midibus / Minibus90 km.125.50 TL3.07 GBP3.59 EUR3.91 USD347.46 RUB26.86 DKK41.43 SEK41.11 NOK
Marmaris - Dalaman AirportBus / Midibus / Minibus100 km.165.00 TL4.03 GBP4.73 EUR5.14 USD456.82 RUB35.32 DKK54.47 SEK54.05 NOK
Marmaris - DatcaBus / Midibus / Minibus70 km.92.00 TL2.25 GBP2.64 EUR2.87 USD254.71 RUB19.69 DKK30.37 SEK30.13 NOK
Marmaris - FethiyeBus / Midibus / Minibus125 km.170.00 TL4.15 GBP4.87 EUR5.30 USD470.67 RUB36.39 DKK56.12 SEK55.68 NOK
Marmaris - AydinBus150 km.310.00 TL7.57 GBP8.88 EUR9.66 USD858.27 RUB66.35 DKK102.34 SEK101.54 NOK
Marmaris - IzmirBus255 km.430.00 TL10.50 GBP12.32 EUR13.40 USD1,190.51 RUB92.04 DKK141.95 SEK140.85 NOK
Marmaris - DenizliBus183 km.370.00 TL9.04 GBP10.60 EUR11.53 USD1,024.39 RUB79.20 DKK122.14 SEK121.19 NOK
Marmaris - IstanbulBus726 km.1,000.00 TL24.43 GBP28.64 EUR31.15 USD2,768.63 RUB214.05 DKK330.12 SEK327.55 NOK
Marmaris bus station
Marmaris bus station