See If Food Markets In Marmaris Are For You

See If Food Markets In Marmaris Are For You

The food markets in Marmaris is on Thursday. For many locals it’s a large part of their life routine. Food markets in Turkey are a place to socialize where housewives meet and have a quick chat. Retired men can also be seen shopping on food markets, usually equipped by a shopping list by wife. In that sense Marmaris is not exception. Some people prefer to shop here early morning, while others wait until the evening hours hoping to get a better deal as some stalls drop the price in PM time.

Let’s look at shopping food market in Marmaris, what draws people to buy food here:

1. Fresh local produce. – Yes, food markets are a great alternative to buying food that travels long distance. It substitutes by products that were grown or produced within a short distance from where they are being sold.
You are paying for taste and vitality, not transportation or packaging.

2. Organic food – No, as local farmers do not grow organic food, they use pesticides and fertilizers. Although the amount of pesticides and fertilizers used by local farmers is probably less than of those in wholesale farming.

3. Option to choose your vegetables and fruits when buying. – Yes, the stall owner will provide a free plastic bag for you to pick your own fruit and vegetables. Some will offer to taste before you buy.

4. Payment methods. – This is probably the largest minus, but only cash is accepted on the food markets in Turkey as well as Marmaris.

5. Support local. – Yes and no. There are stalls that are run by wholesalers, not local farmers. Their products and sometimes attitude gives them away though.