Face masks are mandatory in Marmaris since June – we answer some of the questions around the local regulation

Q. What do the rules say?

A. The use of face masks outdoors and indoors, such as public and private transport, streets, squares, parks, airports, hotels, shops or shopping centers, is mandatory.

Q. Will I be fined or punished if I don’t comply?

A. In theory yes, in practice it is a 50% chance. The fixed penalty of 900 Turkish lira applies for not wearing a face mask. It is clear that local authorities fined citizens and visitors in Marmaris all summer before Kurban Bayram (Sacrifice Feast July 31 – August 03 2020), now we are wondering if anyone will enforce this regulation again.

The Governor of Marmaris said breaches are free of masks for visitors. The police officers enforce the wearing of masks, but will first warn and encourage people to make the wear face masks.
Wearing a face mask has been mandatory on public transport for almost three months.

Q. What should I do when I see people not wearing face coverings?

A. Nothing. Official sources state that it is the responsibility of the owner / manager as well as the visitors of the business place whether a shop or a hotel. When it is discovered all parties are fined for non compliance with current rules and regulations.

Q. Where and when do you not have to wear a face mask?

A. Exemptions include if you are at a restaurant or cafe, if you are on the beach in Marmaris, temporarily if a member of staff or a police officer asks you to remove it to check your identity.

Q. Where should I wear a face mask?

A. It is mandatory to wear a face mask in generally everywhere in Marmaris.

Q. Where do I not need to wear a face mask?

A. It is not mandatory to wear a face mask on Marmaris beach. You do not have to wear a face mask in a cafe or a restaurant while drinking or eating. These include:
* Where you are eating or drinking in a restaurant or cafe.
* If you are a customer of a food takeaway business, or a shop that sells food or drink for immediate consumption, and it provides seating for customers, you may remove your face mask while eating and drinking.