Be Aware: Counterfeit Money in Circulation in Resort

If you believe that counterfeit 20 Pound bills should be incredibly rare, think again.

A taxi driver in Marmaris revealed counterfeit 20 Pound bills when a Scottish tourist who is currently on holiday in Marmaris paid for a taxi ride. When the taxi driver took the money paid by the tourist to the bank for exchange, he learned that 20 pounds was counterfeit. He immediately reported this to the police. The police in Marmaris is fast to react and the prosecutor’s office issued a search order for Marmaris Police Department Public Security Bureau teams to examine security camera records. Police determined that the tourist who paid counterfeit money was David T. Later same day it was determined that the Scottish tourist was staying in a 5-star hotel in Siteler area of Marmaris, a search was carried out in his hotel room.

Wait till you hear what was discovered during a hotel room’s search… A total of 3 thousand 540 pounds and approximately 5 grams of cannabis were seized, including 177 fake 20 Pounds (sequential series). This was hidden behind a painting in the tourist’s hotel room.

Are counterfeit 20 pound bills (or, is counterfeit money in general) really that common in circulation in Marmaris? Well better safe than sorry… Try to use plastic (credit cards and debit cards) on your holiday, at least you have your bank to back you up.

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Photo credit: Ilçe Emniyet Müdürlüğü Asayiş Büro Amirliği

Counterfeit pounds found behind a drawing in tourist's hotel room
Counterfeit pounds found behind a painting in tourists hotel room