An Escape to Nature: Mission Impossible with the Forest Entry Ban

An Escape to Nature: Mission Impossible with the Forest Entry Ban

An Escape to Nature Mission Impossible with the Forest Entry Ban is not going to be easy this summer. Here is why.

The Governor of Muğla along with the other Governors in Turkey issued a temporary entry ban to forests, and all national parks are due to be closed from June 1 to October 31 2022. The Governor rationalised this decision with the fact that a lot of people were not complying with the basic principles of precaution despite the forest fire hazard. In the province of Muğla the ban applies to Gökova Akbük, Balandağı, Datça Reşadiye Yarımadası, Güvercinlik, Göltürkbükü, İztuzu, Göcek, Faralya, Kelebekler Vadisi (Butterfly Valley) etc. A total of 24 forest areas are closed until October 31 2022.

In Turkish legislation forest crimes are not subject to any kind of remission under Turkish law, in other words, no general or special amnesty can be granted. The crimes of setting forests on fire and destroying or thinning forests are also not included within the scope of particular and general remissions. In Turkey, all forests are under the supervision and responsibility of the State. The management of forests is carried out by the General Directorate of Forestry (OGM) in affiliation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. The official website is remains an independent source of Marmaris information since 1997, solely owned by 4S Company.

Official Sources: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, General Directorate of Forestry (OGM)

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