Aegean Island All Inclusive Boat Trip

A view from aegean island boat trip
A view from aegean island boat trip

Aegean Island All Inclusive Boat Trip

Aegean Island All Inclusive Boat Trip in Marmaris

Aegean Island. The peace and serenity of Hisaronu is so striking that it is hard to believe you are only half-hour away from the bustle of Marmaris.

The Hisaronu bay, situated on the Aegean side of Marmaris Peninsula facing Datca and Greek island of Symi, cradles tranquil coves and secluded islands with no hints of civilization in sight.

The Toothy Rocks* ( a group of tall volcanic rocks jutted out of the sea; a perfect spot for swimming and snorkeling ), Jesus Beach* ( a shallow sand-bank jutting out to the sea ), The Rabbit* and The Chapel Islands* are the main features of this idyllic bay.

The tale of girl sand – Jesus Beach

3 thousand years ago, after a long war, the king of the city of baybassos finally capitolated to the pirates and was killed. The kingdom of baybassos was seized by the pirates and the most beautiful princesses decided she had to flee from their evil clutches.

She didnt know how to swim to escape so in order to cross to the safety of the opposite shore , she filled her skirt with sand and scattered it before her, slowly making a walk-way across the water. After many hours of work she was becoming very tired and as darkness fell, lost her footing, slipped into the water and was drowned.
Where you see people walking on the see is way of sand girl.

Editor’s note: Literally Hisaronu means “in front of castle” in Turkish. As a result many places nearby a castle are called by this same name. I have mentioned this so that you don’t confuse this particular Hisaronu with the busy resort Hisaronu near Oludeniz, Fethiye.

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