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Still can’t believe this happened in Marmaris

Still can’t believe this happened in Marmaris

This was the first time, but we still can’t believe this happened in Marmaris. Marmaris has hosted many sport events, championships and competitions but never this type of sports. To be honest we are not huge fans of wrestling but it’s exciting to see new sports here in Marmaris.

Oil wrestling is a national sport in Turkey, therefore it’s open to children too. The sport derives its name from an old tradition where the wrestlers drench themselves with olive oil.
The wrestlers are called pehlivan. Pehlivan means “champion”. 

Initially, matches were not limited in time. So they could continue for days until a wrestler establishes superiority over the other wrestler.

In 1975, duration of 40 minutes was set for baspehlivan and 30 minutes was set for pehlivan category.

On May 09th 2023 the first championship in oil wrestling was held in Icmeler Marmaris.

Oil Wrestling Championship in Marmaris filmed by yagli gures pehlivanlari available on YouTube channel

Oil wrestling competition scene in Marmaris
Mastering the art of oil wrestling in Marmaris
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