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See what they are building in Marmaris marina?

Marmaris belediye marina views

Marmaris Belediye Marina Views

See what they are building in Marmaris marina?

The most prestigious area in Marmaris the marina is under construction since the middle of winter.

However, it was never closed to visitors due to construction and renovation project. The ongoing construction, building and maintenance work is not doing justice to the upscale restaurants, cafes and bars currently open in marina’s seafront. Still if you insist on visiting the marina the best route is through its parallel Bar Street with no sea views unfortunately. While visiting the area always stay alert and watch out as construction machines and smaller vehicles come out of nowhere. The construction materials are placed right on the pedestrian areas, making it difficult to wonder around. There are no signs or coverage on the way either.

The construction works in Marmaris have been stopped for the Ramazan Bayram holidays and have resumed after the 3 day long Bayram holidays but seem unlikely to be finished soon. The project photos we have shared before look great, let’s hope it will be worth it. The aim is to improve the environment and infrastructure of Marmaris seafront.

This website includes the latest information and photos on how the Marina project is progressing and detailed information about the future improvements.

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