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Part 2 / Should I cancel my holiday to Marmaris because of coronavirus?

Marmaris by evening

Marmaris by evening

The weekend is here and we continue to collect more facts and photos to help you measure all pros and cons of a holiday to Marmaris.

Good to see there is no panic going on around Marmaris, instead the local people are enjoying warmer weather these days. The waterfront is busy and all cafes, bars and restaurants are open.

The shopping is nothing different from the usual weekend shopping, families are out to buy the weekly supplies. Noone is attacking the shops or buying in bulk unless it is a local business like a small market or a local restaurant.

Yes, there is one major change which is going to be hard to get over: no more hugs or kisses, people are avoiding any physical contact with each other, which was and still is part of the culture in Turkey.

Unfortunatelly, today was the last crossing to Rhodes, as a result of the measures aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19 the ferries and catamarans will no longer be crossing from Marmaris to Rhodes this month. As the situation evolves, we will be sharing further developments from Marmaris. remains an independent source of information since 1997

Marmaris schools out
Marmaris evening
Marmaris ice cream sellers
Marmaris harbour
Marmaris tonight
Marmaris shopping
Marmaris regular shopping
Marmaris weekend shopping
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