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We owe you an explanation

Dear Friends

Yesterday late afternoon we have uploaded an unusual video on the social media and thought we must explain it.
We were visiting office located in front of the park where we are used to see children playing and people training and doing exercise.
But the yesterday’s view was quite different! At first, a big wild boar appeared on the playground, then quickly others came out running back and forth following one another.
Obviously this was a family of wild boars, that got lost in search of food. They came so close to homes and local businesses such as office that is located in the central park in Siteler area, not far from the main road and the seaside. Altogether there were 11 wild boars, including adults and babies. The group was not aggressive at all, just ran around and left quickly as people started to come down for photos and selfies 🙂
We do hope there is no damage made to this family of wild boars and they can return to a nearby forest out of Marmaris.

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