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The main concern for holiday makers in Marmaris in May

Dear Friends,

as the weather conditions are still changing Marmaris has had its rainy days, and will continue to do in the course of the next few weeks. This coming weekend promises to be quite wet up to Monday inclusive, and then we will be given a few sunny days only to be followed by rain again.
Such weather conditions may give worries to you or even worse, upset you. We at wish to encourage everyone to cheer up : don’t let the weather spoil your holiday! After all even if it rains in Marmaris it is still quite warm.
(photo by Çetin Ulaş)
As you will likely have some rainy days in May it will be smart to pack for them: a rain poncho, waterproof shoes, a pocket size umbrella are a must.
What to do on your holiday in Marmaris if it rains?
You could stay indoors, a lot of hotels are all inclusive; join a bus trip or a shopping tours; spend an afternoon at a cozy cafe somewhere along the beach;
Wellness activities are also great on a rainy day either spend some time in a gym or indulge in a spa center or Turkish bath
Going fishing or scuba diving are other activities that would suit anyone on a rainy day, you do not need any skills, and if you cannot dive, you can still snorkel in very clear bays
You could also play table tennis or any board games or go to a bowling center by the marina.
We hope this article gives you ideas for a rainy day in Marmaris, be creative, come up with your own fun ways to spend a rainy day. You will love your holiday as it is still better than being at work or at school 🙂

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