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Summer in Marmaris Turkey

Dear Friends

Marmaris is very hot and humid in August, this summer is no differece. Many of you may and do wonder how is it possible to live, work and even cook here in the summer, when it is so hot. Indeed, local folk need to cope with the heat and manage running about their business or work, as well as attend to any personal matters, family life and get some rest. On top of that many local families have the largest number of relatives and friends coming to visit in the summer. Turkish hospitality and strong family ties make it impossible to refuse anyone. If you want to try living a local life, you would need to move to Marmaris and spend at least one summer 🙂

Due to the heat most of the late afternoons and evenings are spent outdoors. Balconies, terraces, gardens are fully occupied in the evenings. Summer in Marmaris Turkey is about mangal (barbecue), beach or picnic areas and great fresh food from local markets. Not to forget the one today in Marmaris. Hot climate grows super large vegetables, like this tomato from our kitchen.

Enjoy your holiday in Marmaris!

picnic   table   barbecue   tomato

Yours sincerely, team
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