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Marmaris is abuzz with people as there are more arrivals every day.
For those who are here already or coming these days to Marmaris you are in for a lot of sun and fun.
One of them being the festive time of Ramazan Bayram (the Sugar Festival) and we all love it! The dates are 15, 16 and 17 of June this year.
It is the time for family visits and giving, presents and new clothes are bought, new hair styles are fixed, and great home cooking and baking is done in every house in Turkey, regardless of social status or income!
Most of the times guests during the Ramazan Bayram are treated to a plate of baklava, one of the most delicious dessert in Turkey.

This exquisite flavored pastry has been made in Anatolia for many centuries, and its ancestor is widely believed to be a dish made by the Assyrians at around 8th century B.C. They were the first people who put together a few layers of thin bread dough, with chopped nuts, dried fruit in between those layers, added some honey and baked it in their wood burning ovens. This earliest known version of baklava was baked only on special occasions. In fact, historically, baklava was considered a food for the rich until mid-19th century.

Marmaris baklava Ramazan bayram


Baklava is claimed by almost every Balkan state as its own invention; most people in the United States and Europe first encounter it in Greek restaurants. If the truth were known, it’s the Turkish who invented it, as is the case for many other ”typically Greek” dishes. If you would like the recipe please email us and we will share the recipe from our Turkish family, true to Turkish tradition, in that the filling is very simple.

The other is the presidential and parliamentary elections soon on June 24th and Marmaris is in full swing with election campaigns, meetings and speeches, all this takes place in the center at the fountain square so some of the days a show of the singing fountains may not be running.

Enjoy your holiday & İyi Bayramlar!