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Marmaris In November

Long ago there was a visible change in Marmaris after the season was over: from a lively resort it would turn into an empty town overnight. Nowadays there is very much happening in Marmaris in November and the winter months due to a rapid increase in population who choose to reside in Marmaris all year round. And there are a lot of reasons for that. Marmaris continues to enjoy mild temperatures and sunny weather well until the New Year. The greengrocers and local villagers markets offer seasonal veggies and fruits, and are very busy all year round. The photos of Marmaris show how clear the surrounding hills and mountains look at this time of the year. The local cinema that is across the road from our office shows six Turkish and foreign latest movies and the programme is updated weekly on

Marmaris In November

If you a take a trip down to Marmaris center you will not miss a photography exhibition at the square of Ataturk, showing the most significant prints of the events this summer in Turkey on July 15th.

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