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Marmaris Christmas Fare

Marmaris Christmas Fare 2015

Marmaris Christmas Fare Marmaris Christmas Fare

Christmas Fare in Marmaris is an annual event, and it is usually held on the weekend just before Christmas. We told about the event and shared the pictures on social media, however, the post about it is missing now. To keep it online we are re-posting on Marmarisinfo Newsletter. Turkish handmade jewellery, knitted clothes and shoes for babies and children, souvenirs, second hand items, fine apparel, handmade amber and silver jewelry, Turkish pashmina scarves and shawls, stained glass art and even a small food court with home made sarma, borek (Turkish pies with minced meat, cheese or potato), salads, pancakes, cup cakes and of course Turkish tea – all offered shoppers space to relax and enjoy the Christmas fare. Father Christmas, who was quite a young gentleman, who was a bit darker than you would expect a Father Christmas to be, which only added a local spice into a Christmas and New Year’s experience this winter in Marmaris.