Marmaris Weather News

Travelling to Marmaris Turkey soon ? The heat continues across the Mediterranean as well as the Southern Europe over the coming week. In Marmaris it’s the time of the year when you can’t turn the heat off! The met office is warning that more heat is on the way for the first 10 days of August when the day temperatures will go over +40C degrees. The heat wave has a name in Arabic ” eyyam-ı bahur ” also referred to as the ‘ Desert Heat ‘ or the ‘ Heat from Hell ‘. What you can do to battle the rocketing temperatures is to stay in the shade and carry water at all times.
The beaches in Marmaris and across the Mediterranean will feel a lot hotter than normal due to warm winds coming our way from Africa. Heat waves affect children and the elders alike, please take good care and stay away from direct sunshine from 11AM to 4.30PM – 5PM.

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