Marmaris Foot Bridge Replacement Progress

An update to the article ‘Marmaris Bridge is Falling Down’ : the replacement of the foot bridge in Marmaris has been completed on time and the new foot bridge across the canal is open to crossing.

Marmaris bridge in the marina is one of the most famous landmarks in Marmaris Turkey. Most of Marmaris visitors come to Marmaris Bridge to take photos on the bridge. A large number of selfies continue to appear on social media that were made on Marmaris bridge overlooking the bay and the canal in either direction.

The history of the old Marmaris Bridge can be traced back to the 80’s. The first Marmaris bridge was made of ‘wood and clay’. The new bridge over the canal in marina is an improvement to the resort. Along with the other new projects Marmaris is setting the stage to increase access to recreational activities and cyclists.


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