Marmaris Fancy Women Bike Ride

Sunday evening in Marmaris is the reason to dress up. This coming Sunday is also the reason to dress up and cycle a bike in Marmaris. The major cycling event is planned for Sunday and called Marmaris Fancy Women Bike Ride.  Originating in Izmir, the Fancy Women Bike Ride is taking place in Turkey and several European countries. What you can do is hire a bicycle if you don’t own one, decorate it and join this easy city ride at 5 pm. Marmaris Fancy Women Bike Ride will not be complete with a bike ride. According to organizers, it will end up by major Zumba dance! We are all excited and look forward to Sunday ride for fancy women.

UPDATE: The Fancy Women Bike Ride was a total success this year. Women cyclists in seventy cities around Turkey have participated simultaneously. The message of the event is clear ‘Free traffic to bicycles and women cyclists’. The history of this event starts in 2013 when Sema Gür, a teacher from Izmir, called women to ride around the city center all dressed up. In that year alone 500 women joined the Fancy Women Bike Ride. Since then the only requirements to participate in this event are – Dress up, Decorate your bicycle and Ride around the city!  The number of participants in Marmaris hasn’t reached a 100 yet, but we hope in the years to come the number of women cyclists in Marmaris will grow. We can always look up to Izmir, where Fancy Women Bike Ride attracts 3000 cyclists!

Here is the link for more information and location: