Lockdown Ignorance in Marmaris

Could the local businessmen in Marmaris be risking a virus spread by encouraging the public to return to normal life?

The new regulations adopted to fight coronavirus spread in Turkey have no feet nor head, as one of our followers suggested.
This is also seen in Sunday lockdown in Marmaris. Many people headed down to beaches and boat trips this morning. The lockdown due to begin at 09:30 AM and even though we did return to our home after a short swim and taking a few photos below, we doubt that many will follow.
Local business owners, including boat owners are trying to restart their business operations, but this could be also true that they are encouraging to ignore the lockdowns.
The current situation is thought to be more dangerous, than it was back in April or May and we all have to continue to be careful and follow current policies and regulations. Coronavirus has not disappeared and we need to be safe unless we want to see all our previous efforts thrown away. This is especially true for Marmaris as a lot has been done in the past three months to avoid the state of emergency.