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 All our animals that find homes in Europe have contracts with new owners and are protected by animals societies in Turkey and societies in all our designated countries.

 None of our animals are sent to laborotories for testing and we do not condone thins. We do not sell our animals for monetary gain. The welfare of all our animals is our utmost concern.

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Dear Jeannie

I have just read your artical in the magazineTake a Break and i was so impressed by the work you are doing i have been to Turkey (not Marmaris) and Greece and was so shocked by the amount of cats and dogs on the streets, We always adopted as many holiday makers do some cats and dogs to feed while we are their and thought about bringing them home with us but have never followed this through, then always worried about the animals when at home, Most people talk about what they would like to do but have never acted on it you have and the people of Turkey must be very proud of you as us english animal lovers are. I would like to help in some way do you need volenteers ? I hope the publicity with the magazine will help you with donations i have contributed a small amount and hope to add to this more regular wishing you well Anne Fagence

to all the people who are connected to the kitty cat shelter. we have been to marmaris for the last 6 yrs. and we know Jeannie very well and she has done a very good job at getting all the stray cats off the streets and it will be a crying shame if the people of marmaris don't get a nother site for the cat shelter as Jeannie has worked so hard to do what she has,when we went last year we took loads of cat trinkets that I had collected over the year for her to sell at the Christmas auction to make money for the shelter. please find somewhere for her cats as it will break her heart if she doesn't,t find another shelter. unfortunely we cant get out this year so cant give her our support. yours s sincerely Yvonne and Barry fox.

Just to let you know that we have been to marmaris 7 times in 6ys. it is the best place ever to have a holiday. we have many friends there , we also know Jeannie very well and hopes the government will rehouse the cattery and Jeannie as she has done so much to make marmaris a clean place without all the cats and dogs on the street.

with best regards Yvonne and Barry fox from Cambridgeshire in England

Dear Jeannie,
We looked at your web site and both agree that you are doing a wonderful job. If we could help financially we would, but we have our own cat sanctuary here in the UK for old , ill treated and unwanted cats. We too know how hard it is to raise funds as we would love to help more animals, but the vet bills prevent us. We only have twenty two cats, two dogs and a rabbit, but find this a strain on our purse strings. We have our own web site at  if you would like to have a look. Once again keep up the good work and the best of luck in getting the new shelter. From Nigel and Jackie Long last week I was in Marmaris and saw a cat with a clipped ear. I said to myself- only Jeannie could have been responsible for having that cat neutered. Who else cares?

The authorities should support you in your work.If you hadnt been neutering etc. over the last six years, imagine how Marmaris would be over-run with cats. What would tourists think? Is that a good impression to give when Turkey is desperate for tourists and desperate to get into the EEC? They must also think in a European way. That means respecting and caring for strays in a humane fashion.They should subsidise your work and appreciate all you have done. Where will all the cats go? Are the authorities going to feed them, rehome them ,neuter them or leave them all to die on the streets?
Please use this as a letter of protest.
Best Regards,
Rhodes Animal Welfare Society

Dear Jeannie,
I personally have come to your place and visited you and the cats there and have been delighted to see that you all have had a quiet and peaceful shelter. As a pet lover, I have been proud of you and all the things you've made for them. The place has given me the impression of a life dedicated to the cats and cat shelter
you've made.

Now, I'm confused with what you're facing with.I do not understand the reason.Could you please explain me why they're doing such a thing.Because there you're away from the city and giving no harm to anybody.And especially if you think some people in our society would like to be away from the animals, so your solution was the best, taking the cats away from them and securing the cats with a shelter and good care. I'd like to help you.
Seniha Tanrýnýnkulu

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