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 All our animals that find homes in Europe have contracts with new owners and are protected by animals societies in Turkey and societies in all our designated countries.

 None of our animals are sent to laborotories for testing and we do not condone thins. We do not sell our animals for monetary gain. The welfare of all our animals is our utmost concern.

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For all offline donations and fundraising options please see HELP LINE


The Aqua Hotel in Icmeler gave us permission to hold a fundraising stall in their garden on the beach. It was super, a busy promenade, lots of tourists, we were able to average 150 Euros per day, twice a week. We had a lovely cat from the hotel who would sit at the donation box we named him K.C. (Kermez Kedi - fundraising cat) in return for his help we found him a home in Germany at the end of the season.
So we thank the owner Dogan bey and general manager Mr Herman very much for their support and generosity.
I do hope we can find more hotels with such understanding!
Thank you again!!

Christmas Fundraising Fetes
People coming to Marmaris can bring the following:
* Cat nick-naks
* Cat souvenirs
* Cat Brik- a brak
* Anything with cats on: Tshirts, ornaments, cups, plates, books
* Calendars
* Diaries
* Address books
Who knows, with your kindness maybe I can raise enough money to feed the animals for a few months, or set up another four or five guarantee cages.
Thanking you in anticipation!
Jeannie and her cats & dogs

Christmas 2001
The mad march hares??? No, it is the mad March foxes..
Here is some photos of my dear Fox family from March in England. We met out here many years ago and became firm friends. They come to Marmaris usually each September armed always with bags of goodies for myself as well as the cats. However, September 2000 they brought a whole load of cat things to sell at the stall as shown in the photo. Thanks mostly to them and a few friends in Marmaris this year we raised 140 GBP! So much more than last year. This all went for food and medicines. My deepest and warmest thanks to you all.

Christmas 2000
It was a nice surprise to be invited to join the fundraising weekend in the Marina that takes place every Christmas. Unfortunately there was only two weeks to go, which did not leave me much time to collect things to sell. However with bits and pieces, cakes and childrens dolls clothes from my friends here in Marmaris I managed to raise 25 million about 25 GBP. This bought my first quarantine cage. So even that small amount bought something worthwhile!

Christmas 1999
Christmas 99 the Animal Society in Marmaris received permission from the Charities committee for the Cat Shelter to join their fundraising weekend.
Unfortunately there was only 2 weeks to go I had no time to collect things to sell. A few friends baked me some cakes, another friend Nora (who comes once a week to help me clean at the Shelter) donated Barby dolls' clothes she had knitted all winter. All in all I had raised 25 million Turkish Lira (100 DM) I was amazed I had raised so much on so little. The money went immediately to my first guarantee cage (I now have it!).


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