Dear Friends,

Marmaris welcomed yet another Cruise Liner and its passengers this morning. The harbour was lively, with most of the cafes and shops open for the season. Weather allowing this will continue throughout April, which is also good for the Easter holidays next week. The sun is shining brightly and it is very warm in the afternoons, the thermometer shows +20C degrees and just a bit over. However, do not forget that we are still into spring and the morning and evenings are still quite chilly. So pack that extra jumper or a light jacket for yourselves. If you happen to forget one, no worries, the shops are full of brand new and cheap clothes, with most Turkish shops continuing sales. These shops are easily found if you walk into the covered bazaar from the harbour, or continue your walk along the main road.

Today Marmaris and all of Turkey celebrated the Police Day on the 10th of April. Flowers to the Police force were placed by Ataturk monument this morning.

Speaking of the police, an unfortunate accident happened last night in Marmaris harbour. Early morning hours fire broke out at Municipal harbour,  that caused major damage to three fiber boats. The cause of the fire is not immediately known, and the case is under investigation by local police. The photos taken today by our team show the scene and the fiber boats at sea. They will be collected at a later point by local authorities.

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