Marmaris Long Beach Promenade – as the name suggests this is the seaside promenade, popular in the past for its open-air bars and cafes. With time a large number of bars and cafes on Marmaris Long Beach or Uzunyali closed down partly due to the ‘all inclusive’ concept adopted by most hotels in Marmaris. The bars and cafes on Marmaris Long Beach that are still open stay half-empty for most of the time, watching the ‘all inclusive’ guests pass by. Yet in the daytime the beaches on the Long Beach Promenade Uzunyali are full with people who are here for the sun, the sea and the sand. From April to October the beaches are cleaned and equipped with sunbeds, umbrellas, beach tables and offer full service for holiday makers. It is always astonishing to see how quickly the empty and almost abandoned beaches in the winter turn into a famous holiday spot for the season. In the season each part of the beach is run by a hotel, restaurant or a bar located in the back of it. Most places look down at ‘savvy’ tourists and would not allow any food or drink to be brought with you as they are trying to earn some income in a very limited time.  That explains high prices that are charged on the beaches of Uzunyali in Marmaris.