October is the middle of autumn and seems late for a holiday in Turkey. Yet Marmaris is still offering a lot to do on your holiday in late autumn. Don’t miss these activities in Marmaris and come up with many more of your own. So here is what you could still do in Marmaris on 25th October 2014

Swim – yes the seas are still warm and the sun is shining;
Read a book on the beach;
Go to a cafe for some Turkish tea or coffee:
Go to bars;
Go to restaurants;
Eat ice cream;
Enjoy a walk;
Take a nap on the beach, without a risk of getting a sunburn;
Rent a Jetski;
Stay active by joining exciting water sports;
Take remarkable pictures of the resort, seaside, nature and people;
Enjoy the quiet transition of Marmaris from a busy summer resort into a sleepy wintry paradise;
Shop – the shops are still open and offer discounts and deals as it is the end of the season;
Go on excursions – the trips are running till the end of the month and some will continue into the first weeks of November;

Shortly Marmaris is a place to be and enjoy any time of the year. That is the main reason so many people choose to come for a holiday in late autumn, winter and early spring when the crowds are away