Weekends in Marmaris are great for… cooking

The afternoon was especially dull so that called for a hot cup of tea and something to go with it.  Turkish people love to have ‘kisir’  with their tea,  and so do we.  It is an easy to make cold salad made of bulgur,  mixed with tomato paste and fresh inexpensive herbs.  The type of bulgur should be ‘köftelik bulgur’ as show on the photo.

Turkish cold salad 'kısır

Turkish cold salad ‘Kısır’ recipe

Turkish cold salad recipe 'Kısır'

Turkish cold salad recipe ‘Kısır’


Depending on your appetite you can make as much ‘kısır’ as you want.  The key here is to have equal amount of bulgur and boiled water,  so if you take two glasses of bulgur pour it with two glasses of boiling water.  Your salad bowl should be large enough as bulgur will be set aside to soak and will double in size in about 15 –  20 minutes.

Once your bulgur soaked all of the water add a table spoon of tomato paste which is ‘salca’ in Turkish.  Add a glass of olive oil,  salt,  black pepper to taste.  Mix it all well so that bulgur is coloured in orange or red. Add some lemon juice and pour in some pomegranate sauce to add more taste.

Your fresh herbs such as lettuce,  parsley,  fresh onions,  garlic (if desired),  mint,  etc.  Add some pickles which are cut into small pieces.  Mix again and serve with your tea on a wintry afternoon.  Enjoy!  Afiyet olsun!

Enjoy your cold salad 'Kısır' with your tea

Enjoy your cold salad ‘Kısır’ with your tea