Turkish food recipes all the way from Marmaris!

Good holiday is accompanied by a good company and great food! In fact, that is one of the reasons why we travel the world and history of food proves us right. As soon as you arrive in Turkey you discover the wealth of freshly grown vegetables and fruits. Turkish people are lucky in a way that the country has remained to be self-sustained for most of its main food supplies.

Marmaris just like the whole of the Aegean and Mediterranean areas have its popular and easy-to-make dishes. One of them is called KIZARTMA or fry-ups : green and red peppers, potatoes, aubergines, tomatoes all can be fried separately in a good measure of olive oil.   At this time of the year we can buy all of these ingredients fresh and cheap. There are many different regional variations of this dish. One of them our team picked up in one of the nearby villages – Atakoy – in the area of Gokova.

Like any good meal it only requires two or three ingredients and the result is superb! Your first step is to peel and cut three or four aubergines: peeling aubergines should be in lines so that one is white and the other one is dark (the skin remains on that line) and then cut the aubergines into 5 – 7 cm chops. Soak all of your aubergines in salty water for about half hour.

In the meantime you can fry tomatoes, cut as shown on the photo. Later after your aubergines were soaked and dried, fry them deep in olive oil. Adding meat is optional, depending on your taste. But if you do add meat, you would place it on top of the aubergines and cover with the fried tomatoes.

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You can cook this meal for your family and friends at home to entertain and share your expert knowledge of Turkey and Turkish cuisine!

Afiyet Olsun! Bon appetite! Enjoy your meal!