Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee

One Turkish saying states ‘A cup of Turkish coffee will be remembered for forty years’ and here are the reasons why:
Turkish coffee reduces the risk of breast cancer. Turkish coffee increases the effect of painkillers by 40 percent and has a positive effect on stopping a headache. By drinking three cups of Turkish coffee reduces the risk of asthma. Turkish coffee will decrease the risk of cirrhosis by half. Antioxidants found in Turkish coffee prevent cancer. Migraine patients often report that a strong cup of coffee can stop some attacks. It will also help fight cellulite. Generally a cup of Turkish coffee will give a boost of energy and alertness.

On the other side the negative affects of caffeine contained in any coffee or tea are well known. Based on that we recommend not to exceed three cups of Turkish coffee, as it could decrease fertility or have a negative affect on a current pregnancy. Caffeine prevents your body to absorb iron and other vital minerals, for instance about 50% of your daily calcium could be lost if you drink too much coffee. If you have severe health problems including heart conditions, high blood pressure or suffer from insomnia we would suggest to skip coffee.

How to order Turkish coffee:
You could have your coffee in three of its forms: with sugar, with medium sugar and no sugar. Tell this when you order your coffee to avoid any disappointments with your hot drink. Turkish coffee with sugar is very sweet so if you do not like your coffee too sweet order a medium sugar. If you are more likely to enjoy espresso than Turkish coffee with no sugar is right for you.

So enjoy a small cup of Turkish coffee on your holiday, and try to limit it to one or two, not more than three in a day.

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