Marmaris home cooking

As the season is approaching, we still enjoy our shopping at the village market in Marmaris on Thursday and do our home cooking. This recipe is another simple and healthy food that could be cooked in Turkey, UK or anywhere the leeks are sold. This will help you stay in form and eat well.

In Turkish leeks are ‘pırasa’ (pronounced as ‘pra-sa-‘). Buy your leeks at the village market. Try to pick smaller leeks that are more natural and better in taste. Cut any leaves off your leeks. Wash well under running water or soak in water with salt or vinegar, as you would soak your fresh herbs. Washing is important as leeks can contain dirt and soil between the leaves. Remove any outer leaves if you could not find thin leeks.

Slice the leeks as shown on our photo here. Add olive oil in your cooking pot and stir in the leeks. Fry it as you would normally fry onions. Add carrots and tomato paste, a pinch of salt an sugar. Then cover with water and leave to cook on small fire.

20150131_192250     20150131_192346

An alternative would be to add some rice – half of glass before you cover the vegetables with water. Another option – to add potatoes together with carrots also before you add water to the pot. Leave to cook for about 25 – 30 minutes.
Afiyet olsun! Enjoy your meal!



Remember: any Turkish food cooked on olive oil can be kept for up to 3 days in the fridge. and become richer in taste on the second day. You can also use your leeks as cold meze (a cold starter) at weekends.