Light dinner ideas this summer in Marmaris

Hot weather in Marmaris calls for light food which is healthy and easy to make. Today we are cooking taze fasulye or fresh green beans. The average price on the farmers’ market is 3 Turkish lira per kilo. Wash your beans and cut off both ends. Some beans have a string which runs the length of the bean. This has to be removed before cooking by cutting into small pieces. One medium sized green bean should be cut into two or three segments. Cut one onion and place in your cooking pot with half a glass of olive oil; then add green beans, roast and salt. Then add enough water to the level of your beans, but not to cover them. Two ripe tomatoes cut into cubes join the pot to top it all over, add salt and two sugar cubes. Cover the pot and cook for 30 minutes or until the green beans are tender.

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Again thanks to olive oil this summer dish is going to last for two days. Taze fasulye can be served hot as your main course or cold as a starter.

Afiyet olsun ! Enjoy your meal !