Dolma or stuffed peppers

Summer in Marmaris offers fresh vegetables in abundance on weekly village markets as well as the grocers around the resort. Buying green bell peppers will not be difficult at all. You are free to choose the number and size of bell peppers based on the size of your family. Then add a little minced meat and rice to your shopping basket. We usually use a 50/50 proportion for rice and minced meat. Here in Turkey housewives fry chopped onions, minced meat and rice in olive oil. Another option used in other countries is to boil rice and mix it with minced meat and chopped onions. Use this mix to fill up the peppers, leave some empty space on top for a small tomato to cover up the peppers. Cook as you like it : in the oven or in a pot of water, just enough to cover two thirds of pepper level, this measure applies to both cooking methods

Afiyet olsun! Enjoy your meal!