Nightlife in Armutalan
Nightlife in Armutalan

Nightlife in Armutalan Marmaris

Bars in Armutalan Marmaris, Discos in Armutalan Marmaris, Night Clubs in Armutalan Marmaris

Armutalan Nightlife

Armutalan – one of the residential areas in Marmaris – has to continuously reinvent itself to stay on the edge of entertainment and nightlife to match the rest of Marmaris entertainment level.

By doing so Armutalan town nightlife adds several theme bars on a yearly basis to its already huge arsenal of onsite bars all of which are located in one area! It is a typical sight to spot four bars at the crossroads in Armutalan.  Each theme bar has its own atmosphere, ambience, feel, and audience. You’ll find Hip-Hop, Bootie, High-Energy Dance fans and Kervansaray with its traditional Turkish Night show in Armutalan area of Marmaris.