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2016 Marmaris News Archive

December events

The month of December will be extra full of events. Besides the excitement of Christmas and New Year’s coming you have a lot of places to attend for your gift shopping. [Read More...]

Marmaris Village Market News

No need to travel to natural products expos or food festivals as Marmaris village markets are a firm favourite among the local community as well as the foreigners and holiday makers. [Read More...]

November in Marmaris

Marmaris woke up to a sunny morning today, only to be changed to cloudiness and heavy rains late afternoon. We were down in the marina just after work today and our cameras [Read More...]

October in Marmaris

The colours of Marmaris and Icmeler change every autumn, although you can hardly complain about the weather. The days are still like the summer days and the temperatures are [Read More...]

Marmaris by night

Dear Friends May brought the hot weather to Marmaris but the nights are still cool and pleasant for walking and exploring the resort. We took these photos to give you a warm [Read More...]
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