Greetings all those that have been/are going to Marmaris.
Just returned from Marmaris this week(7/9/02) and have to say it was the
most wonderful place to holiday. The people are so friendly and made my stay so plesant. There was plenty of entertainment for all ages and the boat trips?. Well, just amazing. I brought back plenty of bargains from the
markets too. So cheap there, you must take a look around. Dont just sit on the beach, beautiful as it may be. Plenty of great places to eat as well.
The weather was fantastic and so hot. Well, thats if your not used to it
like us British folks. Just a slight word of caution though, for those that
are taking along their children, espicialy their teenage daughters. I did
happen to notice that one young girl from Northern England, (Im told was the age of 15) was to friendly with some of the male staff at a place called Dream Boys Fun Pub (and elswhere I believe). Now I found the staff here very nice and pleasant, but still, If I had a teenage daughter, I would be somewhat guarded. That young lady in question should be thououghly ashamed of herself. Other than that, everything was wonderful. Im sure you will have a fantastic stay in, Marmaris!, and be back for more.