Merheba,my wife Margaret and I love Turkiye and everything Turkish.
It's the ONLY country we have visited,where someone has 'chased' us to give us money back ! ..( here they chase you to take it off you !
Just had to send this note,to say that,even with the vast choice of eating places in Icmeler,we will NEVER find anywhere better than The Summer Garden,and Mehmet Kalkan.The service,the atmosphere,the food.....all of a quality that restaurants in Britain could only dream of.
The amazing staff are also helping us to learn some of the language...and when we return next week to Icmeler,we may just manage a conversation in Turkish !
Turkiye is the most interesting country in the world,and if we had the time and the money,we would love to explore every
area, with the knowledge that no matter where we went in your country,we would always be able to find someone who
would offer help
Bob Smith and Margaret Smith,from Scotland

* My favourite meal in Summer Garden...
Starter Any of their tasty soups
Main Queen of the Mountain Steak
Sweet Dream of Young Ladies-see it &sigh
then Sex on the Beach...and a few bira.
although strangely,my wife's favourite cocktail
was ' Safe Sex With the Barman'!