Dear Sir / Madam,
In the year 2000, my partner and I visited Marmaris for a Holiday.
For some time now, ever since I was 16years old, I had set my heart on purchasing a Gold Rolex and was determined to purchase one in your Country.

I visited a jewellery shop in the Post Office Road / Harbour Road area. Their business card states: KANAT Ltd. Leather and Jewellery (possibly KANAT GOLD). I subsequently purchased an 18ct Gold and Stainless automatic watch with small diamonds on the face of the watch, or so I was made to believe.

For sometime, approximately 2 years, this watch never left my arm, until I had noticed that it had stopped.

I decided to have it looked at by a Rolex dealer in England. The watch was sent away to Rolex for cleaning and possibly mending.

The verdict came back that this watch was a very good counterfeit.

Fortunately, I had kept the receipt and day of purchase and their business card and forwarded it to Rolex, who I understand will be dealing with this issue.

I am totally appalled, that a tourist can be treated this way in your Country.

I would like to know what redress I have because of the purchase of this watch and the loss of a suitable large sum of money, and that the Embassy should consider an investigation into the people who run / own this Jewellery Shop / Company.

To ensure that this e-mail is not just wasted, I will copy this e-mail into a letter and send it in the Post to your Embassy along with a copy of all of the receipts for proof. (please note that the sum of £165 was not required to be paid, because of the fact that the watch turned out to be counterfeit)

This watch also came with a guarantee, which I still have.

Yours faithfully,