I would like to share my experience of buying jewellery in Marmaris as a warning to your readers. My fiance bought my diamond engagement ring from a jewellers called Omar in the Bazaar by the harbour, recommended to us by our hotel - he paid £1600 for it. We also purchased a necklace from Omar for which he charged us £400. Later in the evening we decided to go into another jewellery shop to get them to test the diamond in the ring, just in case we were being conned. This jeweller showed me exactly the same necklace, the same weight, for £125 and almost the same ring for half of the price we had paid. We then went into several other jewellery shops where we saw the same necklace for around £100, so obviously we had been heavily overcharged We returned to Omar jewellers who refused to give us a refund or even part of our money back and were quite intimidating in their refusal. I know this was our fault for not shopping around but we trusted the word of our hotel manager with whom we had got quite friendly and this is just a warning to anyone reading this not to trust any recommendations as these people are obviously getting a cut of your money - shop around. The shop we went into to get the diamond tested was called Dede Jewellery and is run by one man on his own and I would like to personally recommend this jewellers which is on Long Beach, near the police station, as being extremely helpful and reasonably priced.

Apart from this we had a fantastic holiday in Marmaris, great people, great weather and we will return again in the next year or two. We definitely won't be going to Omar jewellers though!