Hello everyone.  Well where do I start.........first off my name is Pamela
from the very cold and wet city of Glasgow in Scotland.  I am partly writing this message on behalf of my friend Natalie.  We were at Marmaris from July 16th to the 30th staying at the wonderful Portobello Apartments in a large group of 36 members of family and friends.  This was my second time visiting and staying at Portobello and I can't say how much we all enjoyed ourselves.
It was a great surprise that the members of staff remembered us and they made everyone feel very welcomed.  Some of our favourite members of staff included: Jimmy, Eric (our Gorgeous waiter), Jeff, Eddy, Can, Brian, Erdel, George, Smiley, Beakir (sorry about the spelling), Ozzy, Philip and Alex.
We would all go out every night to Cheers where we saw loads of familiar
faces (Bobby) and new faces like Sedat, Eddie (breakdancer) and Hamet.  I cannot forget to mention the Beachclub for their brilliant fishbowls and buckets of cocktails.
I cannot wait until next year (July 15th) as some of us are returning to stay at the Portobello once again.  We hope to see all the same faces as well as some new ones.  I want to finish by saying hello to some of our holiday crew: Charlene, Laura, Lyndsay, Carly, Michael, Lisa, Wee Boab, Owen, Sean, Robert, Mark, Gary, Nicola, Dizzy, Angie, Dean and all the old ones - you's know who you all are!!!