My name is Pamela and this year in July (15th - 29th) was my third time
visiting Marmaris.  I don't have to say how much I love the place as all you
people should know.  Because I can't get enough of the place I'm returning
on October 4th for a week with my friend Nikki - this will be her first time
going to Marmaris.  The past 3 times I've came in July therefore I don't
know what to expect in October so if anyone can tell me.........
* is the weather still warm?
* what is the nightlife like eg.  are any of the clubs/bars closed, do they
close early, is the prices cheaper, etc?
* as it's near the end of the season is it still busy with tourists?
* do the locals annoy you to come into their restaurant/bar more because
it's coming to a close?
If anyone can fill me in on any of these questions please email me at