Hello Everyone in Marmaris,
Me and Michele have been to Marmaris 5 times in the past 2 years so you could say that we love it there. We remember the very first time we went to Marmaris, we wasn't sure what to think of it all. But the service is always 100% and the Turkish/Kurdish people are the friendliest people we have ever met. As for entertainment, well the list is never ending, but we do have our personal favorites.
Big hello to all at Dream Boys Fun Pub especially Nedim[Robbie] and
Sinan[Michael Owen] and our beach boy Hakim. But we love them all!!!!! And also big kisses to my little devil Ozgur from Captains Bar [you know I love you loads] and Michele gives Ergin big kisses too!!!! Also Hi to Omar and Strawberry the Captains dog.
Big hello to everyone at Susan's Kitchen, we can't wait to have some great English food [our mum's cooking just doesn't compare to yours]. And not forgetting our sweetheart Alex from Majestic Boys [sorry we missed you in October].
We definitely can't forget Curly [our excursion man] he wouldn't leave us
alone from the first day we arrived in Marmaris and 5 holidays later and
he's still bugging us!!!!!!!
Just wanted everyone to know that we don't forget you that easily and you can't get rid of us either. We can't wait to get back so we can party all night at Beach Club with our friends. See you all in May and August and maybe October [yes its true,3 times in one year, can you imagine!!!!!]