been going to turkey (mainly Marmaris) for 9 yrs 2
sometimes 3 times a year i love it today i came back
from Greece Crete and i hated evry miniute of it the
women there i found to be very very rude and the
people were not half as frindly as the turkish people
you meet. we have many friends in marmaris and i am
happy to say i will be going back. i had to try some
where diffrent but i no now where i like! also greece
was SOOOOO expesive! people say i am sad the way i
love marmaris but at the end of the day i like it
infact i love it! i am happy and its my life! (I LOVE
THE WEBSITE ITS GREAT) ALSO-my thoughts are with all
the familys involved in the horrible coach crash.