i am a seasoned traveller, visited most countries, but i have a passion for marmaris.earlier this year we decided that after visiting marmaris for the last ten years we would have a change and go to corfu, we had a good time there but i missed marmaris so much i have booked to go in october.
our great loves are the days out on 'h',s boat, i think i should have shares in it iv,e done the trip so many times.
the place to eat is pronto,s steak house, the food is excellent and the staff are the best.
the trip to the mud baths is a must for new visitors.
i can honestly say myself and all my relatives (27 of us) go back year after year, for me it is even better than the caribbean. so if anyone is thinking about visiting marmaris go ahead and do it, you will not find nicer people anywhere
marnie xx