My friend and I came to visit you ( office) when we were in Marmaris at the beginning of September. We met Olga and the puppy. When we got back my friend found a message from you which had been sent weeks before, but she was having trouble with her computer. Anyway it is fixed now, so she will be contacting you shortly. We had a fabulous time in Marmaris, as usual.
We'll be going back again in May. When the bus comes round the corner, and you can see the lights of Marmaris below, it's like coming home. We've been many times, but each time is different. This time we were lucky enough to spend a couple of days in a Turkish village called Yerkesik, about 2hrs from Marmaris, with the parents of a Turkish friend.They took us to a Turkish wedding and really looked after us. We saw the real Turkey and it was a great experience. It's a good thing we only stayed 2 days though, or we'd have had to buy some larger size clothes! We never stopped eating. The hospitality was wonderful. We can't wait to go back.