Most people who go away from home are usually homesick.On returning home My friend and I are very depressed the kids also.We had such a wonderful time for the week that we were there that we are returning next year! This time for 2weeks!!! and this time we are bring a few more friends.
Never before have I felt so relaxed and welcomed in any country.
Before going we were given a lot of information about Turkey, mostly about the way they are with young children ie: that they are always in their faces, that you would have to keep a eye on them around the Turkish people as they are very hands on with them. As a single Mum I am always keeping a watchful eye on my young daughter(5yrs)
I am now sorry to say that I listened and was very wary, however within a few hours I was relaxed and secure in the knowledge that my child was not only safe but happy to play with the hotel staff. We also found a lovely restaurant called the Malibu run by a man called Eddy, not only was the food good but the staff are more than willing to take the children to play while you relax and enjoy the evening. The Turkish are friendly,warm hearted,helpful and caring.
Never again will I listen to narrow minded people who do not take the time to know the place in which they visit or the people that live there.
Best time had by all! Roll on 2002. Happy memories.