My wife and I will be taking a two week self catering holiday at the "Tekin" apartments in Marmaris from 6th May. We are hoping that there might be some fellow travellers who have experienced the joys of the area and can give us information, no matter how small.  If I list various questions as they come to mind it may help jog the memory. My wife and I are in our early 60's and seasoned travellers to parts of the med and Canaries, but not Turkey. We live in the UK.
Is Marmaris as portrayed in holiday brochures?
Will there be problems with mosquito's in early May?
What is the secret of dealing with all the digits in the Currency?
Is Brandysour a popular drink, it is in North Cyprus which is a similar culture. What is the standard of driving like? is it worth hiring a vehicle?
Are there any outstanding sites that must be seen, or activities that should be shared?  Purchasing wines, spirits and tobacco, is it cheaper in resort or at the airport?
Well that is quite a bit to go on with, please feel free to email me with any info, tips or advice, Thank you for your time Jon