Thanks Marmaris, sunshine city.
We've been there from May 25th until June 8th.
The compliments to the animation team from hotel Grand Azur, because they
are very nice to everybody, especially Ruslan!
Grand Azur, a perfect 5-star hotel, we will come back!
Umut, were are you? You're the best in the restaurant of hotel Grand Azur.
We had a great time, especially in "Daisy Bar".
Hi Junior, the big entertainer, thanks for everything, you're the best.
Already familiar with kabouter Plop (hihi).
Marmaris is a fantastic place to go for anyone.Well im not too thrilled to be home, but in 6 weeks ill be going back to my second home!!!

WE WILL COME BACK and dance again: "How low can you go".