Goodmorning Marmaris-Team!
Thanks for your help because now I can reach a friend of mine in Marmaris! I'm very glad! How is the weather in Marmaris?? When I came back here in Holland last was cold, dark en raining..just wanted that the plane would go back...Had a great week with a lot of sun. Also the people in Marmaris were always friendly and had a smile on there face! These days I'm really thinking to live somewhere else where the people are still warm, gentle and were they care...Now here in Amsterdam the people almost never smile, they just care for themselves and are they not enjoying ther makes me want to cry...
But I will keep my head up and save money for a next hiliday in Marmairs! I really enjoyed and I will think back with a smile on my face!
So the vacationperiod is almost over in Marmairs, sounds strange because it will be such a contrast with the busy time in the summer! What will you all be doing now, because now it's so still there.
So thank you for your help and fot the great place Marmaris!!!
Best Regards, Helga
the Netherlands